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The World Health Summit : the Replay

october 24th 2021

The Replay - Click Here

The One Sustainable Health Forum, an initiative of the One Sustainable Health for All Foundation under the aegis of the Bullukian Foundation, organized a session entitled “Innovative One Health policy and governance for pandemic prevention”, hosted by the French Embassy of Germany in Berlin, as part of the World Health Summit 2021 in Berlin.

The French Ambassador in Germany, Ms. Anne-Marie Descotes, opened the session. Ms. Runa KHAN and Prof. Babette SIMON acted as co-Chairs. The moderator was M. Benoit MIRIBEL representing OSH Forum.
The following experts exchanged on the session’s topic: Prof. Andrea WINKLER (Lancet One Health Commission), Prof. Francine N'TOUMI (PANDORA-ID-Net), Dr. Benjamin ROCHE (PREZODE), Ms. Cristina ROMANELLI (WHO & CBD), who participated remotely, and Prof. Chris Walzer (Wildlife Conservation Society - WCS).
Ms. Runa KHAN and Prof. Babette SIMON resumed the recommendations made by the speakers. Benoit Miribel thanked the participants for their implication and for coming.
Ms. Stéphanie Seydoux, the French Ambassador for Global Health did the honour of closing the session.

The Panel discussed how innovative One Health policy and governance should be implemented at the local, national, and international levels in order to reinforce existing and future pandemic prevention measures. It is to represent a variety of stakeholders, from practitioners and researchers to decision makers from the Global South and the Global North. They described with examples of high-impact opportunities how international collaboration and treaties, but also more local initiatives, should contribute to achieving better health by operationally implementing the One Health approach.

The recommendations were the seven following points:
1. We do need innovative One Health policy and governance.
2. We have to do it by the principle of solid collaboration in an interdisciplinary and cross-sectional way, internationally, nationally, regionally, locally within networks of networks.
3. We need the development of prevention strategies with an effort on pandemic preparedness and of strategies of socio-economic management as a systemic approach.
4. We need a dedicated One Health governing body as a strong tool. For example, a prospective pandemic treaty with an integrated One Health approach that could enhance connectivity and would incorporate One Health in pandemic prevention and preparedness in monitoring and surveillance system in economics financing.
5. We have to look globally and invest in infrastructure.
6. We have to go back to the roots, and we need to stop exploitive and destructive practices.
7. We should work on the development of strong cross-sectional institutions which would do good researches for translation into policy and practice.

Thank you to Ms. Anne-Marie Descotes, The French Ambassador in Germany. Thank you to our dear Chairs Ms. Runa KHAN and Prof. Babette SIMON. Thank you to our speakers Professor Andrea WINKLER, Professor. Francine N'TOUMI, Doctor Benjamin ROCHE, Ms. Cristina ROMANELLI and Professor. Chris Walzer. Thank you to the World Health Summit and Professor Detlev Ganten.
Thank you to all our strategic partners, financial partners and personalities in our Working Groups supporting the OSH Forum initiative, we hope that together we will participate in a meaningful way to the implementation of One Health in the operational practices.

Click here for the Replay.

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